Do You Think Atiku Can Win The Court Case Against Buhari,INEC To Become The President?

Its no news again that the Nigeria Incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari emerges as the winner of the 2019 General Election conducted on 23rd February 2019.

A lot of allegations has filled the air concerning the election carried out across all 36 states in the nation, including the FCT to be the most worst election carried out since the inception of the Nation.

It has been termed as an election filled withsorrow,tearsandblood, and this was made to be so in connection with the loads of footages that enveloped the social media sphere on the day of election showing some electoral irregularities carried out in some part of the Nation.

The footages of the thuggery activities inOkotapart of Lagos state, where thugs are captured on camera carting away ballot boxes and even burning ballot papers on polling spots are more to term the election process as mess.

Not to talk about the shooting spree that became the order of that day at some LGA’s inRivers Statepart of the country.

The Awful preparation of the electoral body has also contributed colossally to the cantankerous outcome of the 2019 General Elections of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It’s no new again that,Atikuhas rejected the INEC collated result for the 2019 General Election and he has charge the case to the Tribunal.

Few of us can recall, howOshiomolestill ended up to be the Governor of Edo state even when nobody thought he could still be and even after INEC has already declared the PDP counterpart as the winner.

The matter was taken to the court even after the INEC declaration and jubilation that took over the PDP camp then in Edo State, but surprisinglyOshiomoleof APC was later given the mandate to govern the state in 2007.

Albeit, I think with the large number of footage of rigging activities carried out in favor of the APC at the just concluded general election, the Waziri of Adamawa, Atiku still has the edge to becomes the next president of this great Nation if matter ends in the tribunal.

Although a very sound and competent lawyer must be in place to speak for the PDP and also some deep evidence is need to solidify the claims of PDP and Atiku for them to have an upper hand at the court of law.

If it can happens during the time ofOshiomole, it can sure happen again in 2019.Atikustay strong, and let them meet you in court.

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