Many rumors have been spread about how certain members of the film industry have demanded sex from female actors in order for them to portray a particular role in a movie.

 Ruby Ojiakor

The Ghanaian actor Majid Michel once beat Ruby Ojiakor to a lead part, according to the Nigerian actress Ruby Ojiakor.

She claimed that she was fired for refusing to bed a salesman.

There have been a lot of rumors about how some movie executives have been requiring sex from female actors for a specific movie character.

Ruby Ojiakor claims that when she rejected the marketer’s sexual advances, she was replaced with another individual. The actress revealed that Majid Michel received additional compensation to reshoot certain sequences with a different actor in an interview with The Punch.

The assignment I was called for in Enugu took two days to shoot, Ruby recalled. Originally, I was going to play the movie’s female protagonist. Owner of the position, a marketer, wanted to “get down” with me. I informed him that I was unable to carry out his request. I believed that since I had already begun filming some sequences for the movie, nothing could be done to me and he could not cancel the scenes that I had already filmed with Ghanaian actor Majid Michel at the time.

Additionally, I had the impression that Majid would not want to perform the same sequences again. The producer’s choice to change me, in my opinion, would be ineffective due to those factors. I wasn’t asked to resume my scenes, which surprised me. The production manager responded to my challenge by telling me that I shouldn’t be upset because someone else had been asked to fill the position. The reason I was let go from that job was not explained.

When I inquired about whether Majid would consent to reshoot those scenes, I was informed that he would receive additional compensation. Because I wouldn’t have slept with the film’s owner, I ended up losing a part in a movie. The sequences I had already shot for that movie were cut. Although it was a painful experience, I have since gone on.

I don’t believe there is anything that can be done to deter filmmakers from making sexual advances. Although some individuals have attempted to report them, they have not been successful. Actresses virtually set themselves up for failure when they report a violator. The offenders are aware of themselves, and if just one of them were to be reported, the industry would unite against that actress and prevent her from landing movie parts. It is exactly like a gang. The best course of action is to discipline oneself and be adamant that, despite what others are doing, one will not follow suit. That’s what I did.

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