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Next Level!!! What Do You Want From This Administration?



Owing to the obvious fact that President Muhammad Buhari has been declared winner of the presidential election, All Naijagroovians congratulate His Excellency on his reelection.

This is no time to lament, neither a time to curse. We all have to move together with Mr President to the next phase.

We must have it in mind that, we all will be affected by the performance of this government, no matter which country you live in as a Nigerian. That’s why we must wish the government a good luck irrespective of our political views, differences , religion and ethnicity.

We all must observe our National Pledge that says;

” O God of creation Guide our leaders right”

That being said, We should all take our time to pray and ask for what we want from this government.

Your Helper Might Be In The Comment Box!! What Do You Want From This Government??

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